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About Bioregional Australia

Bioregional Australia Foundation is a for-purpose organisation dedicated to the challenges raised by the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the global climate and ecological emergencies. Bioregional Australia works with partners to create better, more sustainable places to live, work and do business.

Bioregional Australia operates under licence from Bioregional, a leading sustainability charity and award-winning social enterprise with headquarters in the UK. Bioregional created the One Planet Living® framework in 2003 and developed it with WWF.

Bioregional Australia team

Bioregional Australia is led by a Chief Executive Officer and One Planet Living Leader in Australia, with the Board of Directors. The team, who have many years of experience working in sustainability, facilitation and strategy, are committed to creating sustainable change through ground-breaking work on One Planet Living.

Bioregional Australia is a leading sustainability advisory organisation. Our One Planet Living international sustainability framework can be used by any organisation or business – from governments and local authorities, through to communities and educational institutions.

We acknowledge climate change science and impacts and are committed to living within earth’s resources, aspiring to net-zero operations for ourselves and our stakeholders.

We deliver education, training and accreditation in the adoption of the One Planet Living international framework throughout Australasia and Oceanic region.

Our 2024-27 Strategy (Bioregional Australia) outlines our aspirations, goals and priorities for creating hope and action for a better future in our region.

Sustainable Oceans

One Planet Living® in Australia

One Planet Living is Bioregional’s vision of a world where everyone, everywhere can live happy, healthy lives within the natural limits of the planet, leaving space for wildlife and wilderness.

The One Planet Living framework is made up of ten easy-to-use principles that make it easier to plan, implement and communicate sustainable change. It can be used by anyone. For example, One Planet Living and the action planning process is used across a number of different sectors:

  • Mixed use or residential precincts, apartments, eco-villages and housing developments
  • Regeneration and heritage repurposed sites
  • Companies and organisations
  • Schools and campuses
  • Local government regions, cities, towns and mainstreets
  • Tourist destinations

Bioregional Australia – One Planet Living Training Program 2023

We work in two ways to help achieve One Planet Living®

Our One Planet Living Program

This helps you use the One Planet Living framework to create a sustainability action plan, which is known as a One Planet Action Plan. The framework is highly flexible and can be used by any organisation or project – from new-build developments to businesses.

You can also gain recognition for your commitments to One Planet Living by having your action plan assessed as demonstrating national or global leadership. Becoming part of the BAF One Planet Living program is a three-year journey of discovery, training and support.

One Planet Living Associate

Bioregional Australia offers professional development training for sustainability professionals, giving you the tools you need to work with a range of clients and organisations.

A BAF Member who is a One Planet Living Associate has access to the Bioregional global network of Associates.

One Planet Living

If outside our region contact Bioregional (UK) .

Regional Case Studies

What we do – Bioregional Australia provides:

One Planet Living Training

Education, training and certification in One Planet Living

One Planet Living Strategy

Corporate strategy development, benchmarking and reporting using One Planet Living

Climate Action

Leadership courses for Climate Action and Risk Management

One Planet Living Events

Events and forums that amplify our work and the work of our members

Climate Change

Our bespoke sustainability advisory services

We support your overall sustainability journey – from setting sustainability targets to embedding the UN Sustainable Development Goals, addressing the climate and biodiversity emergencies to developing your ESG approach.

  • ESG assessment and strategy development
  • One Planet Living benchmarking of your sustainability strategy.
  • Understanding green and circular economy strategies for the built environment.
  • Master planning strategies and advice on sustainable housing
  • Access to certified One Planet Living Associates in the region.
  • Specific advice on the One Planet Living program and professions.
  • Implementation and assurance
  • Speaking at events

A bespoke advisory service fee can be negotiated depending on the nature of the request.

Climate Leadership